From navigating your first year at Emmanuel to finding the best weekend brunch spots in Boston, Inside EC has the exclusive look.

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The Emmanuel College Dance Team made Top 5 at the 2022 UDA New England Dance Challenge! So Proud Of My Team <3

Vanessa Rene '24

Fun Times with ECDT!

We walked by some cool art on our way to Cambridge for dinner. It's just a T ride away!

Maeve Grattan '23

Street Art in Cambridge

Can never miss a Celtics game!

Emily Borges '23

Let's Goooooo!

You never know who you’ll meet in the city. This is a pic of me and Red Sox star Xander Bogaerts after a Major League Baseball playoff game.

Andrew Kalpakian ’21

Star Sighting!

When the snow starts to melt on the Quad, and Spring feels close, you can feel it in the air and among the students!

Julia Sena '23

Spring Thaw

One of my favorite on campus traditions is Moonlight Breakfast hosted by the Emmanuel College Programming Team (ECPT). It is one of the many events on campus that focuses on building community while also having fun, especially before finals season. We got to stuff little stuffed animals, have breakfast as a late night meal, while having the opportunity to win some prizes (like Emmanuel gear or a flatscreen TV).

Angelina Latin '24

Moonlight Breakfast Tradition!

This year, I participated in Alternative Spring Break in Anderson, West Virginia. Here we are at Bethlehem Farm!

Maeve Grattan '23

ASB in West Virginia

My favorite thing to do around Boston is definitely explore the city with my friends. Whether it’s going to Red Sox games with my friends, grabbing a coffee at Tatte or walking around Newbury Street, I love that we have the whole city of Boston at our reach.

Gabrielle Lara '22

A Whole City Within Reach

My roommates and I went apple picking during the fall (with masks on and social distancing, of course!).

Ruby Roberge ’23

Classic New England outing? Apple picking, of course!

I love going to Fan Pier Park in Boston’s Seaport District. There is a pavilion roof deck that has amazing views of the harbor. 

Andrew Kalpakian ‘21

Checking out Fan Pier on the Harbor

There are so many things I like to do in Boston on the weekends. One of my favorite is going on walks in the city outside the Fenway neighborhood to places like the Charles River, Back Bay and Seaport. With the extra time in our days, my friends and I also like exploring new restaurants in these neighborhoods. I also enjoy getting brunch on the weekends at Thornton’s, a popular spot a 5 minute walk from campus.

— Taylor Ross '21

On warm spring days my friends and I always walked down Newbury St. and end at Boston Commons to soak in the sun! 

Abbey Farrar ‘22

Soaking Up the Sun

There's always a lot to see and do across the street at 401 Park! On this night there was a free drag show on the ice rink!

Sophia Jones '24

Drag Show

My favorite thing to tell students and families on tour is that at Emmanuel you are more than a number. Our faculty at Emmanuel are not only dedicated to their field, but also to their students. I love how professors here make an effort to get to know their students and create a relationship with them. This is a huge help when you need letters of recommendation because they actually can speak about you personally rather than just your grade. I also love the small class sizes (average: 20-21) because I can participate and ask questions in class. I definitely feel valued here at Emmanuel.

— Abigail Barker '22

Within steps of campus are exciting things that the city offers, like an outdoor ice-skating rink outside the Time Out Market!

Daniel Impellizzeri ‘23

Ice Skating!

My favorite thing to do in Boston on the weekends is going to Red Sox games. The Red Sox often offer $9 student tickets, so it is a great way to get into Fenway for a low price!  I always make sure to get a Fenway Frank and popcorn at the game. This is a picture of myself and pitcher Matt Barnes before a game last season! 

Andrew Kalpakian '21

Hometown Heroes

One of my favorite memories of my first year on campus was walking around Boston with my friends during the holidays. The whole city lights up and there are so many activities to do on and off campus. It was a perfect end to my first semester at school that I was able to spend with all the amazing people I met.

Maeve Grattan '23

The Holidays @ Emmanuel

There are so many fun and exciting things to do in the Boston area! One of my favorite things to do is purchase a $5 movie ticket from student activities. The tickets are sold on long weekends and can be used at the Regal Cinemas in Fenway. My best friend and I always find ourselves down there on a rainy day with a bucket of popcorn in hand!

— Colleen Flanagan '22

My favorite Emmanuel tradition has to be Sophomore Pinning. While I personally wasn’t able to participate in the ceremony, I love the idea and message behind it. This is a ceremony that recognizes that you have completed your first two years and you are ready for the next stage. With a new major, our small but powerful community becomes even more special because now you have your own niche group of peers who have similar interests to you and professors who have been through what you’re doing. Everyone is ready for this next chapter and reminds the sophomore class that they are not forgotten but celebrated.

— Gabrielle Lara '22

My favorite thing to tell prospective students and parents is that it's totally okay to go random for your roommate selection. Residence Life does a great job in matching people with similar living styles and interests! I actually met one of my best friends on campus through doing random roommate selection!

Lane Ward '21

From Roomates to Best Friends

My favorite club is Zumba Club! I love doing the fun workouts and singing along to the songs. It's a perfect Monday night activity to get ready for the week ahead and to just have some fun. There's such a variety of skill levels, so I never feel awkward while doing the dances. It's like Just Dance but with all your friends! I would recommended this to any first-year student because it is an environment to just have fun, exercise and meet new people. Also Glow Zumba nights are a blast and when else can you use glowing face paint while dancing under black lights?

— Aspyn Bean '23

My favorite Emmanuel tradition is Distinction Day. It is really inspiring seeing the senior's presentations. It also gives me insight into what I could potentially be doing in my Senior year. This year especially was truly great. Unfortunately the seniors who had distinctions weren't able to complete their research [on campus]. They didn't let that stop them, they were able to explain the research that they completed and even knew what was to be expected in the final results of their experiments. It just goes to show you how the faculty of Emmanuel is there for you and will help you when you need it.

— Abigail Farrar '22

My first year at Emmanuel has brought so many great memories. Most of my memories have been with the great friends I’ve made here. One specific memory with my friends here was when we went out and explored the city before we all went home for Christmas break. We had planned a secret Santa between us but decided to go out to dinner off campus before. It was great to get off campus and explore the city, especially when it is all lit up for the holiday! In the Faneuil Hall area there were street performances that we stopped and watched and just enjoyed our time off campus. It was a great way to end the semester and escape the finals season before we all went home for break!

Ruby Roberge '23

Christmas in Boston

It’s hard to pick one specific memory as my favorite because I have made so many great ones during my first year. Some of the main highlights were going to the Faneuil Hall Christmas tree lighting, Bruins and Celtics games, and our wellness fair on the Quad. There is so much to do both on and off campus and it’s almost impossible to get bored.

— Daniel Impellizzeri '23

My favorite memory of my first year on campus was exploring Boston and trying all different types of food. I loved walking around Boston; either to the Boston Public Library on a sunny day, just down the street along the Muddy River, or around the South End at the Winter Festival. There was always something to do and new to eat.

Aspyn Bean '23

SOWA Winter Festival

My favorite memory of my first year on campus is going to various sports games with my friends to support our teams, or sitting outside by the Quad with my friends during our involvement and wellness fairs. Being able to cheer on fellow Saints and see how far they’ve gone is extremely fun and a way to show school spirit. The involvement fairs and the Quad just gave me such a sense of community and it was always a place my friends and I went to relax and just have fun.

Emily Borges '23

First-Year Favorites

My favorite thing to tell prospective students on tours is the ability to cross register. We are able to take up to 40% of classes at another Colleges of the Fenway institution, and it shows how involved Emmanuel is with the surrounding community. It is not only met with excitement from the students at the prospect of getting to experience five different classroom styles, but also adds a sense of comfort by knowing that they have five different course catalogs to help customize their education to be right for them.

— Julia Kimball '22

My favorite memory from the first-year on campus has to be when there were baby barn animals brought into the student center for students to hold and pet. There were baby goats, puppies, kittens, and bunnies swaddled in blankets! It was right before finals, and being able to just hang out with baby bunnies for a few minutes really helped my stress level overall. I look forward to it every year.

Julia Kimball '22

Barn Babies!

My favorite Emmanuel tradition is Moonlight Breakfast. Every semester, our programming team puts on a free breakfast for all students right before finals. There is awesome food, fun stickers, sooo many activities and, of course, free t-shirts! It's a great way to start off finals and finish off the semester!

— Hannah Davis '22

There are so many advantages to getting involved in leadership positions on campus, especially being an Admissions Ambassador! There are so many opportunities to make connections with faculty and staff at Emmanuel, and they are a lifelong resource! You also have the opportunity to see some of Emmanuel's biggest events come to life, and I found that I grew in areas of my life I did not know possible (like public speaking, haha!)

Valerie Eigenrauch '22

Making Connections

One of my favorite clubs/organizations on campus is S.T.A.R.T. (Students Taking an Active Role Together)! This is a social justice and activism group on campus that I had the opportunity to apply for and attend the weeklong summer program before school started as a part of the Cohort of 2019. S.T.A.R.T. hosts presentations and info sessions on current events, and I absolutely love how the program is mostly run by student leaders who want to raise their voices on important topics around campus and within Boston. As I was just given the opportunity to become the S.T.A.R.T. Community Engagement Coordinator, I am very excited to get more students involved in this amazing program!!

Madeline Bradley


My experience as a first-year student on the "Take 48" retreat was one that I will never forget, and I recommend to any first-year student! I met some of my closest friends today on this retreat, and had the best time in community with other Emmanuel students and faculty. It is such a welcoming environment and group of people, I can't say enough good about it! I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a retreat leader again this fall!

Valerie Eigenrauch '22

First-Years Take 48

My favorite club on campus is the Yoga Club! I love being able to go and de-stress after long days of class and work. Each class is taught by a local certified yoga teacher, and some are even taught by certified Emmanuel students! The Yoga Club executive board does a great job creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere that really makes any student, whether they are an experienced yogi or not, feel welcome! It’s only an hour out of my day, but practicing alongside other Emmanuel students always is able to improve my mood and help me feel more relaxed! I definitely recommend getting involved with this club, whether it be by dropping in once in a while or attending every class!

— Ruby Roberge '23

This past fall, I was able to go on the Wilderness Walk Retreat!  It was a great opportunity to go to New Hampshire, my home state, and enjoy nature. We went on a hike, had time of reflection, and relaxed! I loved enjoying the fresh air and taking a break from the craziness of school. I'm excited to be a leader for this trip this upcoming year!

Abigail Barker '22

Time Out

My favorite club is the Emmanuel College Programming Team! They put on so many events here at Emmanuel and have established so many cherished traditions for students. My favorite event that they run is their New York City trip every semester; it’s $30 for tickets to a Broadway show and a day in NYC, and I’ve made some of my favorite memories during my time at Emmanuel on it.

Caitlin Amorin '20


One of my favorite events on campus is Emmanuel College Dance Marathon! However cliche it might sound, it really is one of the best feelings in the world when it's the end of the night and the school reveals how much money we raised for Boston Children's Hospital. Some of the kids who are or were patients there come on the morning of the reveal, too, and it's just so rewarding to see them and realize that the money that was raised will go to their treatment and the treatment of so many other kids!

— Katie Hayes '21

My favorite thing to do in Boston on weekends is check out a new restaurant with my friends or take a walk down to Newbury Street!

— Emily Borges '23

My favorite thing is definitely taking a walk down to the Public Garden. The atmosphere is always relaxing and beautiful. No trip is complete without some El Pelon tacos on Peterborough on the way back!

— Meaghan MacDonald '22

My favorite spot on campus is the Brookline Avenue Lounge in the NRH. There is plenty of space to study and get some work done. The large windows are so nice to look out of when it is sunny, and there are always lots of pedestrians walking by. Also, being next to Dunkin is a big plus!

— Colleen Flanagan '22

I love just walking around the city with friends. I love finding new streets and shops or getting off somewhere random on the T and exploring. There are so many things around campus that are easily accessible that I didn’t know about until I explored! It’s also a great way to get to know the city and what it has to offer and to learn your way around!

— Jaden Cove '23

My favorite spot on campus is the quad, especially during the nice weather! It’s a nice place to study, eat, relax, or even catch up with friends. There’s so many events that take place there, and it’s great to see how many people use the space.

Emily Borges '23

Is This the Greenway? Nope, it's the Quad!

I am all about a good late-morning brunch in the city! I have a goal to hit up every brunch spot in Boston and find out what place has the best waffles. All of my favorite places are super accessible, whether it be by foot, a quick train ride. Neighborhood's is obviously a staple, but have y'all been to the Friendly Toast in Back Bay?! Brunch is just one of the many things I like to do with friends on the weekends. 

— Fee Cabral '21

My favorite part my Boston weekends is definitely during the baseball season! Spending time at Fenway either for Red Sox games or different events that are hosted there. The entire area is a great place to walk around with friends and discover new places to eat, hangout, and of course take pictures! Although there are always events going on in the Fenway area, baseball season is by far my favorite! 

Hannah Davis '22

Fun Around Fenway

My favorite thing to do is walk around the Fenway area and grab an iced coffee from Tatte.

— Rory Lake '21

My favorite place on campus is definitely the quad!! Its the best place to hangout with your friends on a sunny day for lunch, in between classes, or to play some frisbee or spike ball!

Jacquelyn Schneider '20

Living for Sunny Days

My favorite place on campus is our Cardinal Cushing Library! The second floor is the completely silent floor and the perfect place to finish an assignment. It has a great view of the Muddy River across the street. I love seeing all the doctors and nurses walking by to surrounding hospitals - it gives me a lot of motivation to finish biology assignments!!

— Christine Burke '22

I would say my favorite place is the JYC gymnasium, the Andy Yosinoff Court. This is one of the very first places I spent time at when I got to Emmanuel because I play on the volleyball team. Here I made so many friends, I built up my enthusiasm for the school, and I found my place at Emmanuel as well. It’s a space where anyone can get together and have fun.

Molly Michaud '21

Home of the Saints

My favorite place on campus is the Quad!! On warm days you really experience Emmanuel for what it is: a community. People are playing frisbee, reading, and enjoying each other. There’s truly nothing like it!

— Meaghan MacDonald '22

I think one of the hidden gems on campus is the Dance Studio in the New Residence Hall. It’s typically used by the dance team and for some other events, but during the day, it’s pretty free! I like to check to make sure it’s unreserved and then go in there to work out, study alone, or honestly have a random dance party in the middle of the day to boost my mood. Plus, when it’s nice out, you can still get a ton of sunlight while staying inside!

Fee Cabral '21

Sharing My Hidden Gem

My favorite place on campus is the 17th floor of NRH. It is a great place to study, everyone is respectful and quiet, plus there are some amazing views. Even if I don't have homework, I will sometimes go up to the 17th floor just to look at the sunset and catch up with friends. 

Abigail Farrar '22

Boston Sunsets

I love looking at the Boston skyline from the 17th floor study lounge.

Abigail Barker '22

Not Your Average Study Spot

My favorite thing is going down to Coolidge Corner with my roommates and hanging out! Brookline Booksmith is one of my favorite places to go but there's always something new to check out down there!

— Katie Hayes '21

Having the House of Blues so close to campus makes seeing your favorite bands and singers super easy and convenient. Going out for concerts with my friends are some of my favorite memories that I made this past year at Emmanuel. There are many different venues for concerts in Boston including TD Garden, the Orpheum, Paradise Rock Club, and Fenway Park! (The House of Blues Boston just happens to be my favorite!)

Nicholas Eline '23

House of Blues

I love Emmanuel College as everyone here is so welcoming and you feel like you can walk up to anyone and instantly strike up a conversation with them.

— Kelley Kazorek '23

One of my favorite things to do with my friends is to adventure down to the Charles. I love to set up my hammock and listen to some good music while enjoying the skyline of Cambridge. I associate the Charles with many laughs and good memories with all my friends!

Yona Kimball-Smith '20

A Day at The Charles

A view of the Muddy River directly across from our campus.

Nicole DeCarlo '21

The Muddy River in the Fall

a view of Boston's Frog Pond in winter

Skating at the Boston Common Frog Pond

Kateri Quinn '21

Winter Wonderland

the Christmas tree on Emmanuel's campus

Christmas time is a magical season at EC and in Boston all together! I love walking around and seeing the tree on the quad, or the decorations in the JYC or even everyone decorating their doors in the residence halls. Happy Holidays!

Keaton Bergeron '21

The Holidays at EC!

downtown Boston in witner

A walk downtown in the wintertime offers a great view

Kateri Quinn '21

The City in the Snow

The sun is out on this warm, February day, and so are the students! We're enjoying the 60º weather by kicking back on the quad, informally known as the EC Beach. It's the place to gather when t-shirt weather is approaching!

Fee Cabral '21

EC Beach!

My favorite thing about Emmanuel is being a part of EC Dance Marathon! I love the feeling you get knowing you are helping someone other than yourself. It's such a fun event and the morning of is a feeling like no other. Not only do I get to help change lives, being a part of dance marathon for three years now has been a life changing experience for me!

Alexis Scrima '21

My favorite thing @ Emmanuel is...Dance Marathon!

If you're looking for a small coffee shop with a relaxed and casual vibe, then Neighborhoods is the place for you. This independent coffee shop is located just down the road at the Peterborough St. restaurant lineup. Its got good coffee, delicious crepes, and outdoor seating for spring weather! - Cristina Palmieri '20

Cristina Palmieri '20

Best Coffee Shop Around

The commuter lounge recently moved up to Marian Hall 315, and it is the place to be for commuter students! Here, you can keep your food in the refrigerator, kick back and watch TV on the Roku, or have a place to study and do homework. - Fee Cabral '21

Fee Cabral '21

The Commuter Lounge - New and Improved!

I was inspired to participate in the COF dance project because it seemed like a great way to make new friends as well an awesome way to take part in something that lots of other students are passionate about as well.

— Nicole Lewis '21