Gianna Kittle '20

Annual Nia Retreat

One of my favorite involvements here at Emmanuel has been the annual Nia Retreat, which is a retreat for students of color! This retreat provides students of color an opportunity to reflect upon and discuss both their life experiences and their Emmanuel experiences while building community with each other!

This overnight weekend retreat happens during the fall semester, and I always look forward to the relaxing yet purposeful weekend off campus. It’s a chance to make new friends while simultaneously strengthening bonds with old friends! I would recommend this retreat to any incoming first-year student who identifies as a person of color. This retreat will give you the opportunity to make connections with fellow students and staff members who want to see you succeed here at Emmanuel and beyond! This retreat is run by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion–this office and this retreat have both provided a positive on-campus support system. I’ll miss my Nia family a lot next year but I’m thankful to have had four amazing years attending such a meaningful retreat!